Two Sisters Houses

612-614 S. Wolfe

Help save these Fell’s Point orphans.

  • Two Sisters Houses

  • Two Sisters Houses

  • Two Sisters Houses

  • Two Sisters Houses

  • Two Sisters Houses

We want to alert you that some of our important early American history right here in Fell’s Point is in danger of disappearing. And very soon. That is two very rare 18th century wooden houses (pictured above) on Wolfe Street in Baltimore’s Fell’s Point that were once the homes of African American caulkers. They are in great need of restoration.

The good news is that you can help us save them with a small donation of $100 or more. Better yet, your kind contribution will be matched, dollar for dollar, by grants.

Please give a tax-deductible donation this minute to The Society for the Preservation of Federal Hill and Fell’s Point. You’ll help save and restore these endangered properties that are dramatic backdrops to interpreting the rich colonial, Revolutionary War, and 1812 history of this wonderful place called Fell’s Point that the Preservation Society has been working for 40 years to preserve.

We can’t do it without you.

We receive no annual operating funds from the city, state or federal governments. We are left to support ourselves through programs such as Fell’s Point Fun Festival, our annual House Tour and walking tours, and with membership fees. And, with your wonderful and very generous donations. Today, be an important part of our local history. Act now to help us preserve it for the future. Thank you so much.

Here's a link to an October 31, 2016 article, "Urban Landscape: A New Effort to Save Fells Point’s Wooden Houses" about the status of the houses.

Laser Scanning the “Two Sisters” Historic Wooden Homes in Fell’s Point

On a sunny afternoon in March, two technicians from Direct Dimensions took their laser scanning equipment down to Fells Point. Over the winter, Bryan Blundell from Dell Corporation had approached Direct Dimensions with a project to completely laser scan the Two Sisters Houses in Fells Point.

The Two Sisters are two of the remaining wooden houses in Baltimore’s Fells Point. For more information on the houses, Baltimore Heritage has a piece here:

These buildings were acquired by the Preservation Society from the Dashiell Sister’s Estate. The name, The Two Sisters, recognizes the efforts of the Dashiell sisters, Mary and Eleanor, to save these and other buildings in Fells Point. Since that time, the Society has steadily worked to develop a plan for the saving and utilization of these significant architectural examples of early life in Fells Point. The 3D scanning is one of the many modern technologies that can be used to help reveal some of the secrets and stories that are part of these amazing structures.

The scanning can provide a baseline documentation of the building’s current state, allowing the planning team to design necessary structural supports, and to also serve as 3D, “as-built” blue print for documenting current conditions and future preservation efforts.

The Process

Laser Scanning is the process of collecting millions of individual measurements using laser light. Think of a range finder. A laser beam leaves the scanner on a specific orientation and the time it takes to reflect off a surface and return to the scanner establishes the distance. This happens thousands of times per second. By moving the equipment to various positions and perspectives, an entire site can be “scanned” in 3D. Once the data is merged, the resulting “point cloud” can be used to create traditional drawings, 3D models, and virtual reconstructions & walkthroughs.

So far, Direct Dimensions has only scanned the exterior on Wolfe Street, planning to finish the project when funding becomes available. This initial scan effort is also valuable as an archived “3D snapshot”, a record of the state of the structure in the spring of 2013.

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