The Robert Long House
The oldest residential house in Baltimore City
ca. 1765

Robert Long was a merchant and entrepreneur who settled in Fell's Point. Originally from the York, Pennsylvania area, it is presumed that he moved to Fell's Point to be closer to commerce. Robert Long persuaded William Fell to sell him a parcel of property upon which to build his home. He built this home around 1765, in an architectural style better known to the Eastern Pennsylvania/Delaware region, than to Maryland.

Slated for demolition in 1969, the original members of the Preservation Society fought the City and Federal Goverment to keep the building standing. The Preservation Society acquired the property in 1975, and painstakingly researched the interior design and architectural elements. The house was lovingly restored to its colonial-era appearance.

Today the Robert Long House and Garden is a testament to community activism and courage. Even after a devastating fire in 1999, the Preservation Society rolled up it's sleeves, and the Robert Long House was once again restored to colonial splendor.

Donations are gratefully accepted to help with the maintenance and upkeep of the Robert Long House and Garden.